Saturday, July 23, 2011

From the "It Could Be Worse" department...

A guy a know, let's say a colleague, honestly way back... 15+ years ago, we both worked work the same company. I took over his job for a month after he left, then I went to work under him at a new job... which he left again. Anyway I found out through a mutual friend that he shot himself and he is now in ICU in Greenville SC. He is not expected to make it. I just can't believe it. He had a wife and kid(s), I don't know what caused him to think that killing himself was his only option. I know he was suffering with MS (multiple sclerosis), but still I think (I really don't know) he had something to live for.

I have never been close to this person, but still this is the closest I've come to anyone who attempted to take their own life. I makes you pause for a while. I'm just thinking what is he thinking? I guess we will never know. Now he is in ICU with his guts exposed (they can't sea him back up due to infection) waiting to die. I can't even imagine. Which is why... it could be worse.

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Aunt Bea said...

I know that MS is a miserably painful and debilitating disease. I understand what it's like not to be physically able to do all the things one wants or is used to.

I know that my DH contemplated suicide for many months after he was crippled; and the painkillers of course made him even more depressed (cause that's what they do). He felt useless and unloveable and was a total ass about it. Which is one of the reasons I MADE him move (yes, I am THE Bitch). Instead of spending the rest of his soon-to-be very short life being miserable, I moved him to a place where he could feel useful and viable once again. He can't do 3/4 as much as he did but he can do SOME things.

The pain never goes away, he falls down a lot without warning (still) and sleeps a lot (still, it's the meds).

Not a lot of people can drag themselves or their loved ones out of that downward spiral, though. Plus it takes someone who is MEAN as HELL to force them to. Not a lot of people have a BITCH to drive them out of their minds and past their endurance levels, and make them see the beauty in things again.