Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Those Dang Teenagers

I am trying to remain as impartial as possible... plus I'm trying to not get mad. And what does that do? Well it makes me laugh. And that is obviously the wrong thing to do. Basically my wife is tasked to get the house bright and shiny because we are having company over. Which is all good, because you like to look nice when people visit... you would hope that they will come back and visit again and again.

So anyway we are cleaning and getting ready... until it comes to my teenager's room. Then the proverbial shit hits the fan... and the fan breaks. My wife finds rotten food (I'm pretty sure you would find this in any teenager's room) and my wife's shoes, (maybe you would not find these in every teen's room) and the kicker... An empty bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade.

Oh boy, now we have a bit of a problem. On one hand, I was a teenager once, I can remember drinking my dad's rum. I also remember not wanting to drink it anymore because... I had such a bad hangover, I didn't ever want to see another drink with rum in it for years. But on the other hand, she got caught red handed (sorta) and she should be punished. I just don't know what that punishment should be and since it was just an empty bottle (1) I'm unsure if I should really do anything at all... So I laughed at the whole thing, because we all do it, or most of us do it... my memory is that I never want to do that again (I'm still a bit put off by anything with rum in it) and I can only hope that it is the same with the teenager. Dang teenagers...

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Bob G. said...

I remember my folks acting like damn DRILL SGTS regarding MY room...
(always a "surprise inspection")

They knew that was the ONE place in the entire house that needed constant policing when I was a teen...LOL.
(never any rotten food found there...NOR alcohol)

And it must have worked, because I've become MY PARENTS!

Good post.

Stay safe.