Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Fed Up

I'm kinda pissed. At pretty much everybody. What do I mean? Politics of course. It seems you are either a tea party banger or a liberal scumbag. I don't think I am either. But that is what the media along with the politicians are having you believe. I want fiscal conservativeness with social liberalism. Really I don't care who has sex or doesn't have sex... that is none of my concern. I tend to lean to the more conservative candidate... that is until the right gets holier than everybody else and starts preaching from the stump. And I tune the whole mess out.

Why doesn't anyone get it? I'm not picking out my next babysitter or doctor I just want someone who is moderate. Who knows how to get things done and who isn't so busy scratching somebody else's back that they can't get the job done. I doubt this person exists, but that is all I look for. We have the same problems as we have always had... and I don't think we are any closer to solving them than we were 50 years ago.

Are we doomed to repeat the same silly mistakes over and over and over again? She got his seamen on her dress, he has a bastard son, these people has shown pictures of their private parts... remind me again why I should care? The thing is I don't. It is what I do that has the most effect on me. If the person was too busy having sex or being promiscuous instead of doing his job, then I might care... maybe. But the media loves shit like this, thus the real issues get tossed to the side and we become voyeurs in the sideshow instead. Yeah not so good. Maybe I should just turn it all off. I think I could be a much happier person... but then what would I talk about?


Aunt Bea said...

Short answer - yes, we ARE doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.
People don't vote on reason, they vote on emotion. No one understands basic economics any more. Instead, they put their faith in "leaders" - who are just people, some smarter, some dumber - to either use government to enforce "Social Justice" or to use it as a religious battering ram. Then everyone whines because they don't get everything they were promised. They fight over BS and purposely-inflammatory topics - making a vast sucking sound while education and the economy both are circling the drain. Oh, let's turn on the news and watch people fight, or the endless Casey Anthony trial!

You really can't fix stupid.

Mad Hatter said...

Ah ha!!! Everybody wants change until it is their turn to do the changing. I hate that. I'm wondering if a place exists that is not like that. I can't even think about the schools (because my wife is a part of that system) but you can make all the difference in the world, and then next year when you have a new teacher, and that teacher isn't quite up to snuff, you lose everything. I hope that it is as it always has been... just that now they have 24/7 news and little things are made into big things simply because they need to put something on the screen. Otherwise I am scared for my kids...