Monday, June 6, 2011

Week in Review

I celebrated six years of being married. which at first we were going down to Hilton Head but alas we decided not to go. Instead we went to Plum's in Beaufort and had an awesome dinner right on the waterfront, we couldn't ask for anything more. (I'm sorry PB, because she called us in a pass to Sea Pines... but it was on a Saturday, during tourist season. It just was not to be. But maybe some other time just not on Saturday.)

Sunday was 61 years of my mother being around. She still has cancer, she just made it through the first round of chemo. Not unscathed and not without her own bit of issues. I spoke to her but she was a bit nauseated (from chemo). But that is to be expected. Still she is 1/3 of the way there now. She needs to get surgery done and then have a second round of chemo and radiation done. Then, maybe we can rest for a minute or two.

The Songbird scored 2 goals in her soccer game this week (she has another game today) It was a see-saw batter in which she scored a goal then the other team scored two goals, then she scored a beautiful goal, which started out from deep in her own territory and she made the turn, and she (remembered maybe) that to kick it in the corner of the goal (thus making it past the goalie). It truly was a thing of beauty. We scored another goal, then the other team scored 3 goals (all with the same player) for those playing at home Songbird's team 3 the opposition 5, and then we take the lead (miraculously) and the game is over. It was a hard won battle, but then again, we didn't have everyone (two of our star players were out plus our coach)... This made my daughter have to run, run, run and it felt like it was 100 degrees. It is not that is was that hot but... it was June.

In a recap, I'm glad I'm married, I'm glad my mom is another year older and I think my daughter was glad for the win, but is actively looking for something else... like karate or gymnastics. (i.e. something inside, with air conditioning)

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Anonymous said...

No "sorry" needed, MH. I'm glad you and Mrs. H had a great evening. The offer still stands for a pass any time you like. Do bring your family to SP, for a day at the beach or a walk through the Forest Preserve and some time to pet the horses and some time at the playground.

I love your "I Endorse Marriage" blog, and I wrote a comment but then it somehow got lost and I just couldn't remember it well enough to do it again. Such is my attention span these days.