Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Atlanta, the Lowdown

So now I will talk a bit about some of the more interesting parts of our trip... We left at 10 AM and rolled into Atlanta around 2 PM, there is nothing more you could do about that, it is what it is, which is basically a boring ride. We decided to get a late lunch/early dinner at The Varsity. It was close to the hotel, and we couldn't think of anywhere else to eat anyway.

This was the first time I had ever eaten at this place. It's a fast food place, which comes with its own issues. I would say it was mediocre at best. But it was what it was.The place is huge, I think it is the world's largest fast food joint. I really don't know, but they will ask you "what'll ya have"

I ran into this guy when we left the Varsity.

I was impressed, I mean how many "Kevrolets" do you think there are? I'd guess not too many. We checked in to the hotel (after chasing Kev to get a picture) and our room was adjacent to Turner Field, which was nice, if you wanted to catch a Braves game. We then took a hotel shuttle to the World of Coke.

Which was cool, if you like coke, or coke type products. I don't necessarily, but I know plenty who do. It did cost $15 bucks to get in. They have a better deal where you can package deal, the aquarium, zoo, CNN, some museums and the world of coke, but we only had one day, so it was this or nothing.

We then walked through centennial park, and I thought I saw our hotel... I saw a Holiday Inn not the one we were staying, but one all the same. We called the shuttle from that hotel and we were off to the concert. Afterward we had to hail a cab, because the shuttle stops running at 10:30, the concert let out at 11, do you know how many people needed a ride? Yeah, I don't know if I'll do that again. Since I didn't want to worry about driving drunk, I figured it was worth it.

The problem is, I was not drunk or even buzzed, I was stone cold sober. Because I drank 3 $10 beers, and it did not even phase me... well it did phase my pocket book. So I wasn't inebriated, everyone was gone from the parking lot, and when we finally got a cab, he stuffed two fares into 1 cab, and therefor I was sitting in the bitch seat. Driving around in the pouring rain, crammed into the middle was not my idea of fun, and of course the cabbie  had a name I could not pronounce, and he was crazy as shit. But that was the price for playing. I was simply glad that he got us back to the hotel in one piece.

The next day was spent gathering things up and heading back down the long windy road that is I-16...

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