Monday, August 23, 2010

Jack Johnson on Tour

So I know, this is a bit late, but anyway. I decided to tell about the actual concert first, and then the stuff that happened before/after later...

So we got to the concert an hour ahead of time, because we heard that Jack Johnson plays for the early crowd too. Well in the meantime it proceeds to rain like it is the next global flooding episode. It rained so much that Aaron's Amphitheater closed the gates (why I'll never know). So we could hear Jack playing, but we could not get in. Such is life.

Once we did get in, we were lucky enough to have a seat that was covered. Glad to have it were we, see below.

Our first band was Animal Liberation Orchestra. The band was much better than anticipated, the keyboardist Zach Gill also plays piano for Jack Johnson. I may feature them in an upcoming music blog post.

The next act was G-Love, and honestly, he was utterly forgettable. He kind of was like Jack but he had this rapper thing mixed in it. Which just made me feel sorry for him. But anyway it only took him 30 minutes to get off the stage.

Finally we got to see Jack. It was a memorable show, he did not disappoint. I took a few more videos, but every time a base note hit, my little camera just garbled it up. Which is very disappointing, since if I knew it was going to do that... well I wouldn't have bothered. But I did get one of just Jack but it was during his encore, so it was pretty loud.  Also, forgive the shaky camera work, it was the best I could do. Also by the time we got to this point, we were surrounded by drunks. Not that I wouldn't be too, it just didn't work out in my favor.

Here is another video, see what you think, the bass drowns out somewhat, also notice Zach Gill, somewhat steals the show.

All in all, a great show, though I wish they would have come to Charleston, Savannah, or even Jacksonville, FL. Still we got to see him, and I only have about 3-5 artist left to see, and Jack was definitely on that list.  

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poker affiliate said...

I've seen Jack three times in concert, and he seems to be improving as a musician and performer. His latest album is his best since Brushfire Fairytales!