Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh That Naughty School District

Maybe you've heard the news, that the district may close Shell Point. Why? Because they are looking for ways to save money as County Council did not approve the tax hike the district wanted. So what is a school district to do? Make the cuts where it will make the most impact... politically speaking that is. By doing so, or pretending to do so... they will make a large uproar (in concerned parents) and it will have potentially the most effect County Council. There by making a big to do about nothing at all.

Now I could be wrong, but that is the way it is looks to me. Playing with people's emotions is not really "clean politics" but it makes things happen or makes you get money you didn't already have. Yeah it is like that, around here anyway. So I see County Council giving the district the money it wants or some kind of "compromise" solution will be reached, it is very doubtful that Shell Point will close, but you just never know these days do you?

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