Monday, November 15, 2010


I guess it is time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. I will be staying at my place of business for at least 2 more years. That is a great burden off of my shoulders, I can worry about that later. I really didn't think we would come out on top, and it led to a downward spiral with the mortgage on my house and my wife's work. Plus my boss was really, really good to me when I had the stroke. I didn't want to leave him. But now all that is settled and I won't have to do any sort of thing like that... for 2 more years anyway.

And in even bigger news my wife got accepted to a Master's administration cohort sponsored by the district. Well, not fully sponsored, but they are paying for half, and we will have to come up with the other half. Basically the only thing more that my wife can do is get her PhD or move up in administration. This will let her do that. Even though she already has her Master's in Literacy, if you do the math it works out like this:

PhD in Literacy $40,000
Master's in Administration $6,000

Both will get you into a leadership role (vice-principal or principal) but the obvious choice is in admin. I think this is a great investment by the county in its future and it shows her that they value her, and that is great. Also that works out good with my two year plan because she will graduate in two years as well. So it is good news for us both on the work front. On to kids, animals, movies, music... you know the important stuff!

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