Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everything is Finally Fixed and/or Replaced

So I am, through the power that is "Holiday Shopping" back up to full speed on everything electronical. I spent an entire day taking apart my old TV and surrounding bookcase/console. The electrics I sent to the dump, the wooden parts I burned. Why the heck would I do that? Surely it would/could/should be reused... why not donate it to Salvation Army or something?

It was old and broken and I could not justify having someone pick up my TV and surrounding console knowing that it was garbage. A projection TV it pretty much worthless. A broken projection TV is worth even less than worthless. And the somewhat broken console? Well, I already said that a projection TV is worthless... and so a console specifically designed for a projection TV, is equally un-good. Don't you just love technology?

Now these things were big... I mean had a 56 inch TV (replaced by a 46 inch, I know it seems like I'm taking a step backwards) and getting everything out and the new in was a monumental task. My back yard looked a bit like a scrap yard at first, but I chopped and the wood parts into more manageable parts and slowly burned away the remnants.

You might be thinking, why not just haul it all off to the dump? I would except that would required a trailer and backbreaking labor of which I had neither so it had to be this way. It is all set up or take apart. Out with the old and in with the new. I have so much more room now... which is just in time for Christmas anyway right?

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