Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes Being a Father Sucks

This is a story of communication skills or the lack thereof. Basically, my daughter should be registered to take Spanish II, as she took Spanish I last year. So just in passing, I find out that she is not in Spanish II, she is in Spanish I again. WTF?!?!

I start talking to my daughter, trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. Let me back up for a minute. Her Spanish class is 1st period and it is on an "A/B day" schedule. Which means her class alternates between, Spanish and ROTC. I have no problem with this, but apparently the ROTC is from the high school, so any communication the middle school has with me, is not there. Because the ROTC guy, doesn't get anything. This I have a big problem with. We didn't get the invite for Open House, we don't get anything at all. This can be somewhat attributed to me not checking through, but honestly the responsibility lies on my daughter, she is almost 15, it is not like she is in the 3rd grade anymore. Also it may be all my daughter's fault anyway, as I am relying on her to provide me with any info.

And I keep harping on her that it is her life, I don't/won't get anything out of whether she takes Spanish I or Spanish II. She seems to understand but I wonder if she really gets it. We explained that if she takes Spanish I again, she won't get credit for the class, because she already took it. Though she doesn't see the results now, when she is a senior, she could take AP Spanish... which could in turn save her from having to take a foreign language in college. Which could save me and/or her some money.

And besides that, who wants to take a class they have already taken and passed? That I place full blame on the school for that little screw up. My daughter walked all the way down to the school over summer vacation to fix her schedule, it is something like a 3 mile walk (one-way) and it was only during a "special" time that she could get this fixed. So all that walking, all that worry, for what? She is right back in the same class that anyone else is in. The being in Spanish I in the 8th grade (a high school credit) means nothing. No get ahead there at all.

Why am I finding out about it 4 weeks into school? Because, my daughter lied and/or the school doesn't care and/or I'm lazy or all of the above in some form or another. What to do from here? Meet with the school and see if there is anything we can do about this screw up... and go from there. I know, you might be thinking, WTF? Why is this such an issue? I guess it is such an issue because I actually do care about my kid... and yet want her to live her own life too. And you can't really do that, I mean sure I guess I could have just let my kid take the class twice. But I know that she would have regretted this choice later. Thankfully she changed her classes, and it really wasn't all that bad, and now I wait for the next catastrophe...

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