Friday, September 3, 2010

Classic Film Friday: Batman (1966)

This certainly has a high cheese factor. In fact it may be one of the cheesiest. But kids love Batman, at least this reiteration of Batman and this movie has been coming on the FOX movie channel for a while now. They like the overdoneness of everything, the fact that there is a clear good guy/bad guy, and those crazy fight scenes. It really is like the TV show, just longer, and bigger, and I might even say better. I mean it does have that whole exploding shark scene...

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Bob G. said...

God, I remember seeing this on a Saturday afternoon with my friends!

Cable showed it again recently. And I found myself watching it...AGAIN.

Aside from the shtick, it wasn't bad for it's time.
And it was pretty much all we had, but it kept us from getting into trouble.

Nice choice.

Have a safe Labor Day weeken.