Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Funny

This week the Songbird was sick, nothing special about that, at some time or another one or more of us is feeling sick, sick and tired, sick of this shit, sick, sick, sick. Anyway I had to stay home with her because my wife and I have this agreement. She takes a day off, I take a day off. Like taking turns. We're good like that. Anyway, while we were out and about (me and the Songbird) it is funny how many people are moving around during the day. I have a job as does my wife, we may get a lunch together now and then, but nothing regular.

Well after the Songbird's doctor's appointment, and on my way to Walgreen's to get her medicine, I'm in conversation with my wife on the doctor's visit. And she says, "Why don't you call me when you drop off the prescriptions and we'll do lunch?"  Looking at my watch, it was almost noon, and I figured, "Sure, why not."

The prescriptions, would take even longer, than eating lunch... that was a bummer, but still all and all, with weather like this (high 80's, low humidity) it was nice. So we had lunch, at an outside eating establishment... on the cheap and then there was still time, so I would go to Kroger and pick up a few things for dinner that we did not have. I have to say, Kroger is not my favorite grocery store, in fact I would put it right up there with Wal-Mart. But, where else was I going to go?

So I cross 278, and instantly I am reminded what a cluster trying to get in and out of the Kroger parking lot is and why I don't shop there. But I keep telling myself I just need a few things, it won't be that bad. And really, it wasn't. But I looked out amongst the people there... and I wondered WHY? I've pretty much done that since I moved here six years ago. why are they all here?

Yes I know, this area has a big retirement draw. And on this day they were wandering around Kroger... everywhere. And maybe it is just because I should have been at work, instead of looking around Kroger for what is on sale. But it was more than just the retirement crowd. I saw lots of mommies (and daddies) with kids in tow, I saw single people, I saw all kinds... and still I wonder... why?

Like the Tootsie Roll Pop commercial, I feel I will never know. But they were out. And I could only enjoy the day, though I had a sick kid, I did have the day off, all in all I'll take a sick day when I'm not actually sick. The Songbird eventually felt more herself and the ebb and flow started to go forward again, such is life...

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