Saturday, September 25, 2010

Come With Me, Won't You?

You ever do something so stupid, and yet you can only blame yourself? In my case I am the proud owner of a pretty bad haircut. I know, I really shouldn't say anything, it will be grown out in a few weeks/months, but still... if you will walk with me as we investigate my stupidity.

I was overdue for a haircut, I almost always am, because who has the time to worry about such things? Well one day, I finally decided that enough was enough. My hair had to be cut (that and I had some free time), so I drive down to my local hair-cuttery, and tell the girl, "I usually just get it as short as you can with scissors". I should have said "As short as you can with scissors for the sides and back, trim up top." Well I didn't and now I have the male version of Kate Gosselin. Kind of spiky, I can't really do anything with it, not that I wanted to anyway. It sort of looks like I got a "high and tight" 2 or 3 weeks ago. One good thing about the hair cut (besides being able to wake up and go) my daughter, Augustus, she can't grab it, I mean she tries, but there is nothing to grab onto... I think that part is great, her not so much.

I have to give this lady credit, she went closer with the scissors than I have ever seen. But really, why bother if you could have set the razor to a 1 or 2 and been done in two minutes or less? Maybe I need to find a new place to get my haircut. Essentially, I got my haircut by my teenager, exactly what you say is exactly how I'm going to do it. Which is the cause of many fights. But the good thing is, this will not last forever... and I really don't have to look at myself anyway. ;o)

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