Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Littlest

I was just thinking... (yeah I do that now and then). My youngest, Augustus, is in short... a pip. I was talking to my wife, and the Songbird, our 5-year-old is so different, she follows the rules, she is a people pleaser, she is a 100% by the book sort of person. Which makes her easy to live with. Augustus on the other hand, is not any of those things. She usually ignores you when you call her name, does what she wants to do and is a teaser but also a snuggler. Literally I think of dogs and cats when I try to compare. The Songbird is a trusty golden retriever, Augustus is a cat.

But I love them both. I mean I know every parent is going to say that and it's true. I have three daughters, and three different people to love, and it is incredible the way each is different and each has their own way to get daddy or mommy's attention. Simply amazing. But back to Augustus. She is in an interesting position. Being the youngest, that means others have gone before. It also means she knows by default how to get around the rules. That is a problem.

Besides not really listening to us, she likes to tease us. You can see it in her eyes, she loves toying with mommy or daddy. She will act like she is coming to you to give you a book or remote or whatever, and then take it back, running and laughing the whole time. Not really the image I wanted, but it is what it is. Can we work with this? Does it matter? We are going to have to deal with it somehow.

But the kicker is while the Songbird was coming up, there wasn't a whole bunch of funny things that she did or said. With Augustus it is a virtual treasure trove of wild acts, funny sayings, impossible actions, and otherwise notable things about her. Not that I need something to talk about, but so long as we have her, there will never be a lull in conversation. More than likely she will make me laugh a lot, and more than likely make me sad even more, but she is the only Augustus I could ever want. Funny how you get just what you think you did not want and it turns out that you would not be happier any other way. Life is like that I guess. And I did say she was a snuggler... she can make you mad and then right before your eyes, give you a kiss or a hug and how are you supposed to stay mad at that? I haven't a clue...

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