Friday, May 20, 2011

Classic Film Friday: Ocean's 11

This was watched on TMC earlier in the week. I must say that I like this movie much better than the 2001 version. It is a crazy idea of robbing not 1 but 5 Las Vegas casinos. The movie puts just enough into it to make it believable, but not too much to make you think, that Hollywood has run a muck.

Plus it has the Rat Pack in it. For that reason alone you should want to see the movie, but even more the movie is done with just enough... no out of this world car chases, no huge explosions, nothing that would make a movie now a days. Danny Ocean (Frank Sinatra) is a WWII vet and he recruits his buddies from the 82nd airborne to do a job. That job is of course to rob the casinos. Watch what happens next as they plan to rob them just after midnight on New Year's eve. They almost pull it off, but 1 of the 11 dies of a heart attack in the middle of the street. It from that point starts to get a little ugly.  

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