Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We decided to catch a sunrise as we keep telling the Songbird about them, however unless you see it... it's just not the same. So off to the island we went. And we had no idea it would turn into a nature expedition. Fist off was this crab. Which (after scouring the internet) is a spider crab or a doubtful spider crab.

Next we saw a sand dollar. Still alive, we looked at it, I showed the Songbird all of its "feet" and tossed it back into the water.

Back to the crab, or a different crab (same species, just a bit smaller) and it liked eating dead jellyfish.

Finally, we have the sunrise we were looking for. Beautiful as always.


brandy said...

That's one beautiful sunrise!!!

Alex said...

Awesome crab! I've never seen one like that.

Mad Hatter said...

I know I've never seen one like it either. And then there were two.