Friday, May 27, 2011

Classic Film Friday: The Sad Sack

I can't believe I have never watched a Jerry Lewis flick since I started doing Classic Film Friday. For Memorial Day... sorta. I mean Jerry Lewis is a comedian and he made funny, screwball kinds of movies. This one is no different. He plays Meredith Bixby, the ultimate screw-up. If you ever were in the military you got exposed to this regularly. Maybe in this case it is a bit extreme but still you knew of a guy that just could not get it right, without a little help.

Corporal Larry Dolan (David Wayne) has been tasked to make a soldier out of Bixby by
Maj. Shelton (Phyllis Kirk) a psychologist. Dolan is not exactly the model soldier himself and he gets into a bit of trouble as he likes to go out and hit the booze and talk to pretty women. But Shelton and Dolan have hit it off and he tries to make Bixby a better soldier.

It turns out he does his job a little too well. And they all get sent to Morocco. And while there Bixby meets a woman. He also gets involved with some Arabian plotters. They have stolen the parts to a very sophisticated gun. Bixby is one of the few that can build it, and from there Bixby unwittingly aids the enemy. But that's ok... so long as it ends well right?

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