Sunday, October 2, 2011

Soccer Saturday (part 3 or 4) on Sunday

I can't remember and for one, the Songbird, things are zooming right along, wins, goals, stopping the ball when she plays defense or goalie. For the other... it is not so good. Losses, missed games, no goals... it is not doing so good. It is just the nature of the beast. When you are younger there are so many opportunities to do things. When you are older... it sort of evaporates. So anyway, we missed my teenager's game because we went running in a 5K at my wife and Songbird's school.

As usual that was an experience. Not really a good one, but not so bad after all. I was clocked at 51 minutes... which is never going to come close to the 15 minutes that real runners are doing. But I pretty much walked the whole thing, and I didn't feel bad at the end, I will call that a victory. That and I was pushing a stroller with an ornery kid in it. Not to mention the Songbird had no shoes (she ran the whole way in her Mary Jane's) and she really was not dressed for it (it was 57 when we started) so there were melt down times for both children. But we pulled through it. And then later that day Songbird scored a goal at her soccer game. I was impressed.

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