Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A New, New Me

Well it is time to hang up some of my things do... mainly this blog. Why? Basically because I have a new and improved job. And while the old job was great, (really, really great) I was topped out at that job and it was only a 3-4 day account per week, but it paid me for 5 days. This current account is a multi-man work your ass off kind of account. And I simply have no energy or time to update this blog regularly. My weeks are slammed and I wonder if I was crazy in taking this new position. Still I have to ride it out. See where it leads. To do that requires me leaving this blog behind.

I won't say... at least not yet that I'm going to completely quit posting, but I'm not going to be posting as much or as regularly. It is bad, I no longer worry over piddly shit, hell I don't have time to worry over things I might should worry about. But anyway, is this the new normal? Or is this a matter of getting everything settled and then I will be able to do more recreation? Time will tell...

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Alex said...

Congrats on the new job... I bet a break from the blog life will be restorative. I've had a few breaks. I guess I'm always drawn back to it, but I enjoy being away, too.