Friday, December 3, 2010

Classic Film Friday: The Vagabond King

Sorry to say, Leslie Nealson died this week, and though he doesn't have a main part in this movie, it was the only one that Netflix had that we could view instantly. And it was his Film debut so you know... this is a film from 1956 and the setting of the movie is 15th century France. François Villon (Oreste Kirkop) is a beggar extraordinaire. He doesn't like King Louis, he doesn't like the kings rivals the Burgundians either.

Much back dealing and side swapping takes place. Which is part of the whole problem. People think they can get a better deal elsewhere and that leaves the king vulnerable. Back to François, he falls for a princess... Catherine de Vaucelles (Kathryn Grayson) and he decides that maybe he should pick a side.

And so (after much singing, death threats, and whatnot) François gets the "common people" of Paris behind him, protects the city from the Burgundians, and maybe wins the heart of the princess?

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